Weighing Systems

The weighing systems designed and manufactured by Concetti North America are distinguished by their high quality, excellent precision and high capacity. The following weighing machines are the outcome of over twenty years of experience gained by the Concetti Group companies:

      The product is weighed inside the bag as it is being filled. Weighing range From 5 to 50 kg
      The product is weighed in a separate weighing container and is then discharged into the bag. Weighing range From 0.5 to 50 kg

Several different feeding systems available for each type of weigher, depending on the type of product to be handled:




This type is ideal for highly free-flowing products such as granules and pellets. The gravity feed system is a very simple system for ensuring that the weighing container is filled: the product is conveyed to it without requiring any external actions, as it is driven simply by its own weight.




The product is conveyed to the weighing container by a belt. This type of feed system is ideal for floury products with medium flowability, as well as pellets, flakes and granules.




The screw forces the product into the weighing container and it is fully enclosed. This feed system is particularly suited for powdered products that are not free flowing, or for both foods and chemicals that are very aerated.




When the same bagging line must handle products with very different characteristics or products that cannot be cross-contaminated, two separate feed systems can be combined on the same machine.




In addition to its regular weighers for 10- to 50-kg weighments, the Concetti Group has also developed the MINI range, designed for small product weighments from 0.5 to 10 kg.

Alongside the basic models, the Concetti Group also offers special constructions for weighers that will be used with aggressive or particularly fluidized products.
All the weigher types produced by the Concetti Group also have a range of options available designed to meet a wide range of customer needs:

  • Automatic sampling device.
  • Special executions for abrasive or aggressive products.
  • Vibrating system to prevent the product from sticking.
  • Chokes to facilitate product discharge.
  • Special paint cycles depending on product characteristics. 
  • Teflon coating of parts in contact with the product.

The weighers made by the Concetti Group have been approved by the Weights and Measures Office in accordance with the strictest European standards.

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Concetti Group Worldwide

The Concetti Group is present in over 46 countries with a network of qualified agents who can offer customers the assistance they need for studying appropriate production solutions, technical support, personnel training and the supply of spare parts.



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